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Washing Hands For Men and Women, Why It Matters?

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

From time immemorial there has a been a friendly rivalry between men and women. But, did you know it extends to hand washing?

Hand washing has always been an important part of overall hygiene and health. Recent references in The History Of Why Handwashing Gender Gap Exists CleanLink article (see below) show men are less prone to wash their hands then women. 

The History of Why Handwashing Gender Cap Exists

From: CleanLink Executive Reports Cleanlink

The article from CleanLink magazine suggests that this goes back to when Victorian women were given the responsibility of cleanliness and hygiene. It was these early roles that has led to different standards for cleanliness between men and women. My how times have changed! 

Good hygiene is always important, however given today's coronavirus threat, handwashing and cleanliness are extremely crucial not just for women, but for men … and children!  Soap and thorough hand washing are a necessity not only to help protect our families, but to help contain the spread of viruses.   

Can we afford not to wash our hands regularly? The answer is NO! Soap grows in importance daily especially in this flu season and with the threat of emerging viruses. Every little bit helps. Now is the time to stock up on soap and dispensers no matter the type or packaging method. It helps to be prepared. Choose from in-stock deck-mounted or wall-mounted dispensers and refills or repair parts.

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