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Clean Hands on the Cleaner

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

One of the overlooked people in the pandemic, I believe, is cleaning staffs or custodians, for example, at hospitals, restrooms, gas stations.  I, for one, have taken them for granted for their silent help in stemming Covid-19.  They do their important cleaning work such as refilling soap dispensers, cleaning sinks, toilets, floors and partitions and restocking without much gratitude.

Not that I suggest greeting people in restrooms but perhaps a little more appreciation and understanding for cleaning staffs as they help keep us safe. Another aspect that I have taken for granted is the cleaning staff washing their hands as noted in the recent CLEANLINK below. Custodial workers are as prone to infections as we are,  it’s important they wash their hands repeatedly preferably with SLOAN liquid or foam soap. CLEANLINK

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