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Handwashing is Key to Infection Prevention*

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

We’ve all heard about handwashing and illness prevention. Indications are that handwashing is becoming less important as COVID subsides. It seems critical to me that we wash our hands now more often to prevent infection. What better way to promote hand washing than a full, working soap dispenser?

I recently was in a highway mega gas station and travel stop restroom and went from soap dispenser to dispenser until I found one that was full and working. Not only did I have to wait for other users, I started questioning: is it really necessary to use soap? I knew, of course, it was to help prevent infection, but wondered: how many more customers both men and women would just leave or just use water with no soap?

My point is, (and of course we sell soap) we should be proactive…it’s a great idea to keep your electronic soap dispensers working and filled for convenience…and to help prevent infections.


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