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Ok, I’m not a plumber but I know what it’s like to break up concrete. If you’re replacing, for example, a bathtub on a  concrete floor or a basement shower and installing a 1-1/2” tile base, your job just got easier. Try using  OS&B’s round SD470 (was SDB47) or square SD480 (was SDB48) 1-1/2”  brass side discharge shower drains and leave your sledgehammer in the van.

 Every remodel job is different as we all know. OS&B’s 3-piece drains are designed to accommodate you on the job like having an extra-long ABS round thread-in flange for deeper installations and a reversible ABS clamping collar for adjustability to 2-1/4” max and a low-profile underbody. You also have a choice of finishes; stainless steel (SS), brushed nickel (BN)  or matte black (MB).

According to industry pundits remodeling is on the rise well into 2022.  Consumers are doing away with possibly  dangerous bathtubs and replacing them with walk-in showers, not to mention for good looks and convenience. Did you know 43,0000 kids get injured in bathtub accidents each year?

PS: For all you plumbers and non-plumbers as well, we also have OS&B 1-1/2” and 2” side discharge shower drains for molded (preformed) bases and 2” tile bases or email or for a quick response or visit

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