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How many times while washing our hands in public restrooms have we seen in the mirror, users leaving without washing? Recently, I was using the public restroom at a fast food restaurant and witnessed a uniformed employee leaving the stall without washing. I reported it to the manager and a few weeks later, I saw signs “Employees Must Wash Their Hands.” Wouldn’t it be great if the sign read “All Users Must Wash Their Hands?” as a habit-building reminder.

My grandson recently reported that boys don’t wash with soap and water in his high school’s restroom. I asked him if there was a sign, and he said no. Maybe it’s time to put up reminder signs to wash hands with soap and water for users of all ages in all restrooms. What’s the next best thing; making sure hand washing soap is always available.

In a recent CleanLink article (below) for example, surveying participants 14 years and older, 64% correctly believe that hand washing is more effective in removing germs than a hand sanitizer and 67% don’t use soap, just water. The ratio almost wipes the percentages out. We must think of effective ways to diplomatically and graphically remind restroom users to wash their hands. Please let me know what you think.

Hand Washing Habit Across the U.S. From. CleanLink:

Thorough handwashing is still the best way to reduce the spread of disease-causing microorganisms.

Soap grows in importance daily especially with the threat of emerging viruses and current existing viruses. Every little bit helps. Now is the time to stock up on soap and dispensers no matter the type or packaging method. It helps to be prepared. Choose from in-stock deck-mounted or wall-mounted dispensers and refills or repair parts.

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