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Lack of soap and toilet paper complaints go hand-in-hand in restrooms…survey shows.

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

In a recent survey by CleanLink magazine, the third biggest complaint in a two-week span, was lack of soap or malfunctioning soap dispensers (30%) right below “insufficient toilet tissue” (32%).  46% of all complaints centered around the restroom, no surprise there, while 22% of cleaning managers received complaints about “soap stock in restrooms” every two weeks. Survey was conducted by CleanLink on readers and posted this November.

2020 Complaints Survey Highlights Cleaning Challenges from CleanLink

In many establishments cleaning is done in the evening and reminders from frequent hand cleaning by staff or perhaps their helping maintain inventories especially of soap might be a good suggestion. By the same token checking continuing high inventory use issues could arise from vandalism or faulty soap dispensers or in the case of COVID-19.  

Don’t let lack of soap take the preference away from important issues! Let us know your thoughts and actions of cleaning and/or sanitizing and we’ll share with others in the profession.

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