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COVID-19 and Urinal “Splashback” (SJS-19 Cleaner)

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

WHOA! Could disease be spread by an infected person’s aerosolized urine in the restroom? Traces of SARS-Cov-2 RNA have been detected in the urine (and other excrement) of some patients according to the World Health Organization. Sobering thought! Although, to date, there have been no published reports of transmission.

“Splashback,” urinating in the water at the bottom of the traditional urinal as well as stepping in urinal puddles on the floor, could be a major breeding ground for bacterium. One of the many ways to help ensure cleanliness, is frequently cleaning and disinfecting the urinals and areas around the urinals.   Encouraging face masks especially in public places like restrooms where community transmission could be possible and physical distancing, is another way.

Also, installing water “free” urinals inherently helps prevent “splashback” and aerosolization. Frequently cleaning your existing Waterfree urinal (or other flush urinals) is another excellent method to help prevent the spread of disease. We recommend cleaning them with one cleaning product especially made for Waterfree urinals - Sloan’s SJS19 multi-purpose Clean Green™ and Deodorizer Kit (RTU Solution) for use on all restroom surfaces including tile, chrome, porcelain, and fiberglass.  It comes with a 32 fl. Oz. bottle, sprayer and one SJS20 Clean Green refill.

Application is easy, simply fill the bottle with water, drop in the Clean Green concentrate, attach the triggered sprayer, shake and you’re ready to clean and deodorize. Lightly spray and wipe or allow to dry. You’re done.

We’ve got SLOAN SJS-19 CLEAN GREEN urinal cleaner and Waterfree urinal cartridges, ESD-217 Lotion Hand Soap and Sloan ESD-232 soap ready to ship just call 847-358-8664 or email for a quick response or visit

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