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Americans are washing hands 10 times per day on average, not counting sanitizing!

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

Are you washing your hands more often? I am and using soap more often than in the past. This is not surprising because of all the media attention on hand washing, not to mention my own concerns. Personally, we have an ample supply of hand soap and sanitizers in our household.

By the same token, you might consider having an ample supply of Sloan hand soap ESD-217 and ESD-232 lotion hand soap and ESD-231 antibacterial hand soap for your customers as, I believe, the demand is not going away soon.

Naturally, our business is selling hand soap and washing hands 10 times per day means a lot of soap usage as mentioned in the article below:

Survey: Americans Are Obsessing Over Hand Hygiene  

We are ready to help keep you and your customers happy, healthy, and supplied.

Along with SLOAN ESD-217  and SLOAN ESD-232 soap and soap dispensers, we carry gallon bottles of lotion, antibacterial and T/C One Shot plus Hand Sanitizer ready to ship. Just call 847-358-8664 or email for a quick response or visit

Wishing your the best of health and look forward, in 2021, to staying  connected with you!

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