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Price Gouging on Hand Soap

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

During this time of crisis, as jobs decline and supplies diminish, our company is continuing to hold its prices for all their products including soap, dispensers, cleaning supplies, urinal cartridges and screens, etc.

For example, in a recent article: Janitorial Products Company Accused of Price Gouging CleanLink A janitorial company increased prices to offset business troubles creating an enraged customer base. Price gouging on products such as hand soap refills, which is critically important now more than ever, has gotten so bad that eBay has banned the sales of such products.

At MarketNet, we have a sufficient supply of hand soap refills and products for our loyal customer base and welcome new customers.  No one knows what the future of product “supply and demand” will bring, but we are prepared to meet it and be a better and stronger company. Call us today at 847 358-6884 for pricing and shipping information.

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