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Sensor-operated fixtures in the restroom…a must!

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

Recently, I had breakfast in a small town in Illinois (Yes, it was open).  COVID-19 signs and warnings to wear face masks were placed on the outside and in the lobby of the restaurant. The waitress had a clear, full-face plastic shield similar to medical ones over her face. Her hands were covered with blue rubber gloves as was the rest of the restaurant staff.  Large, clear plastic dividers were placed between the booths. The plastic covered menus were wiped and cleaned.  The customers were seated in every other sanitized booth and hand sterilizers were placed in conspicuous places. 

Sounds safe?  After, breakfast I walked to the restroom. The door had to be opened and locked by hand, the lighting was very dim, and the outdated bathroom had poor ventilation.  There was no hand sanitizer, and the one dark wall-mounted foam soap dispenser was placed in an inconspicuous place high on the wall. It would not have been easily accessible. After all the precautions in the restaurant, the restroom was overlooked with the simple basics such as a sensor-operated soap dispenser, toilet, faucet, and hand dryer. After using paper towels from the manual dispensers, I unlocked the door and turned the handle and paid the bill.  The waitress said, “Hope to see you soon.”  I have second thoughts about returning.

As the economy slowly recovers, no-touch fixtures like Sloan’s sensor-operated soap dispensers, faucets and flushometers will be in demand in restrooms. Now is the time to touch base with your clients to prepare them for extended handwashing with ESD-217 and ESD-232 soap and with sensor-operated fixtures.

Should you need help in selecting sensor-operated fixtures, email and call 847 358 6884 and ask for Jim Stipp or Ray.  

Have a great and healthy 2021.

We’ve got SLOAN ESD-217  and SLOAN ESD-232 soap and soap dispensers and other Sloan products sensor-operated soap dispensers products ready to ship. Just call 847-358-8664 or email for a quick response or visit





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