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There’s no let up on proper hand washing after COVID-19?

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

We’re all looking eagerly for the signs of relief from COVID-19. Unfortunately, when schools, restaurants, churches, and other places where people congregate open, handwashing and other cleaning methods and procedures will continue to be of prime importance. Not only could the return to normal be slow, but the new stringent handwashing procedures may become the norm.

Soap manufacturers and suppliers have played and will play a vital role in making sure hand washing and cleaning supplies are available now and in the future. We at MarketNet would like to thank all the essential people in the supply chain that helped us supply our customers in this current pandemic and will continue to do so in the future.

The article below from CleanLink gives more details on that supply chain: CleanLink .

The current changes in handwashing procedures and the proven importance of soap are happening across the country and we’re ready for them. For more information on suggested handwashing procedures, please click on Download Brochure.

We at MarketNet and are proud to have played a small role in supplying soap and other plumbing products in the current situation and look forward to providing continued assistance in the challenges of the future.

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