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SLOAN F20A is in our inventory at our very low prices.  It’s a perfect time now to check the flushometers in your institutional, commercial, and public restrooms and update. If your Sloan flush valve is leaking or water splashing during flushing or it keeps running, it’s time to repair and update cracked, corroded or improperly seating couplings.

The F20A 1-1/2” spud nut connects the base of the flush to the spud fitting in the toilet mounting hole and forms a water-tight seal.  The accompanying friction ring seals the spud coupling to help prevent leaks.

Repairing individual parts of commercial Sloan flush valves regularly saves the cost of replacing the entire flush valve assembly.

It may be a good idea to keep an inventory of quality Sloan spud couplings, especially at these prices, to keep your Sloan valves operational.

We have ample supplies of F20A couplings and other Sloan parts ready to ship. Please visit, call us at 847-358-8664 or email for a quick response, quote and delivery.  

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