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Posted by Ray Szydzik on

Great news! We have a good supply of genuine Sloan’s B-73-ASG flushometer handles with SaniGuard® coating in stock. Perfect for your toilet or urinal flushometers or bedpan washers. SaniGuard is an antimicrobial agent in powder coating that helps protect the handle from microbial degradation assuring long life.

Plus, the B-73-ASG is made in the USA, ADA compliant and made with renewable energy.

Restroom typically are humid and have poor air circulation accelerating wear and tear on moving parts like handles. Consider replacing your current worn out handle with the B-73-A-SG.

Now is the time to take advantage of the lull in business and update your bathrooms and restrooms.

We have a stock of handles at great single and quantity discount pricing.  Call us today for our greatly discounted pricing and we’ll ship the same day at 847-358-8664 or email for a quick response.


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