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Lavatory-Mounted Manual Soap Dispensers – saves electricity and no batteries included or needed!

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

In today’s complex world, it’s great to come across something that works simply and reliably. Electricity fails and interruptions occur affecting our computers and daily lives.

We’ve all come across restroom electronic soap dispensers that don’t work and have had to try all the rest in the line. Or they simply haven’t been refilled because the soap container is inconveniently under the counter or it dispenses only a portion of the soap or you have to wait while it recycles to produce more…frustrating!

Isn’t it a pleasure to come across something that works simply like the Lavatory-Mounted Soap B-822 Dispensers from Bobrick. Simply press piston down to dispense commercial marketed all purpose hand soaps. It’s that easy! Plus it doesn’t use electricity, so during power failures…you’ll still be in the dark but they work! 

The B-822 series from Bobrick can be filled above or below counter. In many electronic soap dispensers, you don’t get a choice…it’s back-breaking, under-the-counter fill. Bobrick’s dispensers are made of high-impact-resistant ABS and shatter resistant polyethylene. The vandal-resistant spout can rotate 360 degree without damage…don’t try that with an electronic soap dispenser.

If electronic soap dispensers need repair or replacement it’s fairly expensive. With Bobrick’s 34-fl oz, B-822 and B-8226 series 4” and 6” spouts it’s fairly economical to buy new at today’s special prices at


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