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How Waterfree Urinal Cartridges Work

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

In 2013, only 2.8 percent of urinals sold in United States were Waterfree. While no one knows how many there are installed since then, the number has surely grown. Just witness the number of urinal cartridges we sell in our own company. 

So what’s the big attraction to Waterfree urinals? How do they work?

How Waterfree Urinals Work

Waterfree urinals may look similar to regular flush urinals, but they use no water and have no flush valves. Waterfree urinal fixtures are made of non-porous vitreous china or stainless steel and use a patented cartridge that locks into the urinal base. This replaceable waterfree cartridge at the base of the bowl contains a built-in P-trap (which provides the 2-inch liquid column required by plumbing codes) and a layer of biodegradable sealant.

The sealant layer is less dense than urine so it allows urine to pass through the sealant, thereby blocking odor and trapping uric sediment inside the cartridge while allowing urine to flow to the sewer line.

Big Attraction

Water savings on average is 40,000 gallons per unit per year plus the low water usage helps reduce sewage costs and wear. Waterfree urinals can also be ADA compliant, especially important as the population ages. The cartridges WES-150 are quickly installed by any maintenance person. Visit:

Urinal Cleaner

Quick and easy cleaning is done with the "Clean Green" Waterfree urinal cleaner and deodorizer.- just spray and wipe!

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