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A recent release from the FDA warns that certain sanitizers made in Mexico may contain methanol, also known as wood alcohol, which can be toxic if ingested or absorbed into the skin. 

The article below from CleanLink gives more details on that release: CleanLink

MarketNet is always concerned about the products we sell. The Safety Data Sheets on ESD-217 and ESD-232 Enriched Lotion Hand Soap and ESD-231 and ESD-233 Enriched Liquid Antibacterial Hand Wash are regularly reviewed. Both sheets breakdown the ingredients in the soap and are available by calling MarketNet at 866-700 CLEAN. We recommend you read them and follow any instructions pertinent to your state before each use.

Incidentally, each soap refill (lotion and antibacterial) cartridge is clearly labeled with the ingredients and product precautions and warnings. Please review the label and the Safety Data Sheet before each use.

We also suggest reviewing the label of the hand sanitizers you are using. If you are exposed to methanol, seek immediate treatment so that any possible toxic effects might be reversed as outlined in the Clean Link article.

For more information on lotion or antibacterial soap and/or soap specifications email or phone 866-700 CLEAN.

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