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Back to Business (with Sloan Soap)

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

Much of America is slowly getting back to business. It’s no longer “business as usual,” COVID-19 has changed our thinking on “cleanliness.” Soap and disinfectants are a way of life now. Businesses (and consumers) have to buy products with that in mind.  Businesses will need to maintain a continuous supply of disinfecting products including liquid hand soap. Running out of soap will not only be of concern to your customers but could pose a health hazard. 

At ShopMarketNet, we have programs to help make sure you never run out of soap. For example, we set up a program for a hospitality client to receive a monthly supply of our ESD-217 lotion soap. The program, we believe, has helped keep the California hotel running and their customers happy.

Recently, I traveled to a Midwest hotel. While waiting in line (a respectable 6 ft) the couple in front of me insisted on a room that had not been used for week. The clerk (behind the glass partition) said she could not guarantee it, but the room had been sanitized and sealed with a label. The couple begrudgingly accepted it. This is an indication of the how the virus is not only affecting the hospitality industry, but the perceptions of your customers. Incidentally, the pool, the exercise room and the breakfast room were closed, breakfast “to go” lunch bags were available in the lobby and coffee was supplied only by individual request. Hand disinfectants were also everywhere in the lobby. COVID-19 has changed the way we travel and the demand for soap and cleanliness.

A show of cleanliness and actual cleanliness is now more important than ever. We’ve got lotion soap and antimicrobial soap as well as disinfectant ready to ship, just call 847-358-8664 or email for a quick response or visit 

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