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What's a SPIFF have to do with plumbing and cleaning products?

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

Being in sales in a past life…I was, of course, motivated to make money. One of the ways was a spiff program. I got to thinking, whatever happened to them? I found out they are “alive and well” in many major plumbing supply companies. 

Let’s start from the beginning. A spiff is a cash program, prize, or additional commission for pushing or increasing sales of a particular item of merchandise. It’s been proven that spiffs increase sales. In times like these when you can’t make one-on-one sales calls, spiffs provide that little extra stimulus. 

Not only does a spiff increase sales, but analysis can help determine what products to promote. Of course, you ask how can I learn more? Just visit

By the way, you won’t get a spiff, but get “cutting edge” prices by visiting call 847-358-8664 or email for your plumbing supplies

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