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Bernie Hewlett, Distributor Manager at MarketNet for over twenty years answers questions on being a successful distributor.  She can be reached at 847 358 6884 or or

How do you keep customers coming back?

The best way to answer that is to hear it straight from our customers. Let’s ask Rich Powell, Manager at RP Janitorial Services LLC a soap customer.

RP Janitorial Services is a locally owned business that performs janitorial services throughout the Twin Cities. RP specializes in general and specialty cleaning services for commercial facilities. In addition to performing service contracts for general cleaning: carpet cleaning, floor waxing, tile and grout cleaning, window washing, construction clean up, and more.

Rich how long have you been a customer of MarketNet?

“We started buying Sloan soap refills almost ten years ago when our company first started. We needed a reliable company to help us grow and MarketNet is it!”

Why do you stay with MarketNet?

“Their shipping in most cases is the same day.  Invoices are promptly emailed the same day making it easy for our accounting department to process checks. Inventory is always kept up; we’ve never had to wait for soap, which keeps our inventory costs low.”

“We are a janitorial supply service. If we don’t have soap to ship to our commercial customers, our reputation suffers. In fact, we’ve asked for special shipping and packaging from MarketNet.”

“Also, knowing there is human contact whenever I want it is important, especially today where more and more companies defer customer relations to online chats.”

“Personalized services are another plus. Initially, when I was calling a few places for quotes, MarketNet responded quickly with a quote and a phone call response.”

What do you think of our customer service?

“First of all, it’s great to have an actual human to talk to.  It’s over ten years now and we’ve never had a problem nor to do we anticipate one. Jim or Ray always responds quickly and efficiently. Digital customer services don’t always work!”

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