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Jeans made with less water… and Waterfree Urinals?

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

Recently, I was reading the inside of my new pair of jeans (Sad, isn’t it? Homebound…thanks to COVID-19) and noticed the washing instructions read “Care for our Planet”…wash less, wash cold, line dry, donate or recycle.  I was intrigued and wanting to get my money’s worth…I investigated. They are also definitely made with less water…great!

If you can produce jeans and wash them with very little water, by the same token…It would seem to be a great water savings boost to purchase and use Sloan Waterfree Urinals and WES-150 cartridgesWaterfree urinals are a great way to save water up to 40,000 gallons per year, plus their “no touch” operation is perfect for todays and tomorrow’s germ and bacteria consciousness.

The urinals are easy to install and the cartridges are just as easy.  A simple (supplied) tool and a twist to the left removes the cartridge and installation is just as simple in reverse. Need an elongated handle, just call, and order WES-7 T-Bar tool.

We have water-free urinal cartridges in stock and coated cartridge installation instructions in two languages at your disposal.  Simply contact ShopMarketNet

Let us help keep your facilities sanitized and touchless. e have soap items such as SLOAN ESD-217  and SLOAN ESD-232 soap , ESD-231 antibacterial and disinfectant and WES-150 urinal cartridges for touchless Waterfree Urinals ready to ship. Just call 847-358-8664 or email for a quick response or visit


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