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Does it matter that there are over 219 virus species that affect humans?

Posted by Ray Szydzik on

You bet it does. We all know and have learned the importance of washing hands and not touching surfaces. Covid19 brought that rapidly “home” to us now and for the future. We all want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to combat numerous viruses. One way to encourage non-touch hand washing is with an ESD-250 series sensor-and battery-operated liquid soap dispenser by Sloan. 

The ESD-250 is a modular one-piece construction and easily mounted to a deck surface. The active infrared sensor operation dispenses the right amount of soap each time, saving you soap. There is even a flashing red light low soap level indicator so that you may never run out of soap especially important now in today’s virus-conscious world.

The soap is available in 800 ml and 1600 ml lotion and antibacterial refills.  The refills are easy to replace, just remove the old bottle, insert the new refill, unlock the pump release, press the reset button and you’re set.

As we recover from Covid19 crisis, your customers will be more aware of the importance of handwashing.  Consider installing the ESD-250 in such places as executive suites, office buildings, schools, universities, restaurants, airports and convention halls now.

And, by the way, the soap dispenser is ADA compliant. You might also consider getting a quote from us for additional soap refills besides the complementary one that comes with the ESD-250.

We have the ESD-250 battery-operated soap dispenser in stock while they last and at affordable prices.

Just call and ask for Ray or Jim Stipp at 847-358-8664 or or for a quick response, quote and delivery on the ESD-250 and soap refills plus FREE SHIPPING for a limited time.

Viruses will always be with us and we’re there to help you combat them.


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