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Welcome to the New Home of!

Optima Soap is now ShopMarketNet and we’re delighted you are here!

We love our customers! And we’re glad to have you visit us again on our new website. Here you’ll find everything you’ve shopped for before in one convenient place – and a whole lot more.

To show our appreciation for your initial visit, for a limited time, one time offer, we’re ready to give you a 5% discount on any of these soaps on this page. When you check out, your 5% will be automatically applied to your order! Or, use the coupon code SOAPSALE to get 5% discount on the products on this page (the same ones you saw on our old website).

We also hope you take a few minutes to explore our entire new website. We’re part of the MarketNet family of products – great values from leading manfuacturers for your facility needs. And, we’ve put up our favorite characters from throughout the website. If you see one, click on it and see what happens! Who knows…maybe you’ll get even an extra discount!

Get in the habit of shopping MarketNet! And remember to go to for all your soap and facility accessories!